Bournemouth School for Girls

Castle Gate Close
Castle Lane West

Established in  1918, BSG  is  an  11-18  girls’  grammar  school with  over  1100  pupils,  including  300  in the  sixth  form.  It  achieved Humanities  specialist  status 5  years  ago  and  following designation  as  a  High  performing  Specialist  School   also  gained  Science  specialist  status.   We  are also a  Gifted  and  Talented  Lead  School.  OFSTED in   their   2008   report  commented,  ‘Staff  and students work  and  learn  with  clarity of  purpose  and  superb  relationships,  showing  no  complacency  and  striving  for  excellence.’ A  key  factor in our  academic  success is  our  outstanding pastoral  care  based on  a  recently  introduced  House system,  which  is the focal  point  for  pupil  leadership,  charity work  and friendly  inter-house  competition. We  are  an  outward  looking  school,  keen  to  develop  partnerships to  the benefit of all  pupils both  at our  and other  schools. Projects  include  a thriving link  with  a  school  in  Kenya  and  nearer   to  home,  close  collaboration  with  neighbouring  Bournemouth  School. Our two  schools  are  also  co-sponsors  of  a new  academy  in  Bournemouth.

Alistair Brien, Headteacher

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